The Artist

Dennis M. Spencer is a visual artist, craftsman, musician, and composer. He is a lifelong student with a passion for learning. With a “left-brain” technical background, he re-connected with his creative Self in 1984. Since then his creative side has blossomed and his focus has turned toward the exploration of the unconscious. His paintings often reflect that focus with vivid imagery, the language of the unconscious.

A long-time meditator and student of mysticism and metaphysics, he has recognized the process of working with unconscious imagery to be a valuable meditative tool in itself, one of profound self-discovery, and his research is directed at developing methods of assisting others in their own self-discovery process. He recognizes creativity as a key element in this discovery.

His visual work is as diverse as his interests, which include tai chi, martial arts, spirituality, music and composition, reading, mind adventures, and learning. His compositions include satire and audio imagery.

Spiritual influences: Cheryl Spencer, Richard Francis

Creative influence and ancient brother: Isaiah Toran

Life-changing books: Autobiography of a Yogi, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

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