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Unconscious imagery frequently “pops into” my head or appears in paintings as imagery unintentionally (unconsciously) placed there. Occasionally it will even manifest in physical form. This imagery can be baffling at the time it appears, but I’ve learned that, like dreams, it has been given to me by the unconscious as a learning tool. The only way to understand this imagery, although it might not be fully understood, is to do a rendering of it. The conscious ego will want to take control of the process, but it must not be allowed to do so. Through rendering the imagery, a dialogue opens between conscious and deeper unconscious, and much can be learned, if the conscious ego is willing to listen. The learning is always directed to the evolution of the spiritual Self. Although this imagery was directed toward my particular evolution, others have found it beneficial as well. The imagery comes from a collective Mind, and is useful to all.

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Light Encounter 3, Oil on Canvas 14 x 18


No, Wait!
Oil on Canvas 11 x 14

Most of these images appeared sideways in the water in the painting “Gems of Detachment.” I have no idea where the title “No, Wait” came from. Someone described it as “a cocktail party with weird characters.” Sounds good to me.


Oil on Canvas 14 x 18
“Parastensla” was created while fooling around with a palette knife. The title is an anagram. While being created, it took on a resemblance of the work of a well-respected friend


Oil on Canvas 8 x 10
Spontaneously created; evolved into a serpent-like image with shapes resembling sensory organs – ear, eye, and lips. Someone appears to be photographing the images through an irregularly-shaped window to the left.



Primitive Soul
The image originally appeared in the painting titled “Light Encounter.” The face looks intently and fearfully at something, unaware of the brilliant light. From the depicted soul’s perspective, this could represent the need to integrate (dark) left and (light) right brain activity. It could also represent attachment to the physical world.

Acrylic/Private Collection

Primitive Soul

Climb from Duality
One of the most baffling images when it appeared, the significance was clear after it was rendered. The huge checkerboard platform alternates dark and light, symbolizing vibration, the true nature of “reality.”
Beneath this vibration is where we are convinced that we live. The tallest of the skyscrapers above the dense fog symbolize some of humankind’s proudest material accomplishments, which look small and insignificant far below the platform. Blocked by the ego-clouded fog, we are unaware until we begin the long climb away from the physical, through spiritual effort, symbolized by the ascending ladder. Then we see the alternating pattern; the illusory nature of vibratory creation.
But seeing the vibratory nature of creation from the surface of the platform still does not signify the end of the search, for one must then look into the distance to see that the checkerboard design disappears and the opposites merge, symbolizing that as one’s (spiritual) vision expands, he/she sees unity, or absoluteness, in everything.

Pastel and Ink/Private Collection
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Maya Depicted
This was the first rendition of Maya, initially done without the celestial background, lights, and aura. Maya has been described as the veil of illusion. The message of Maya was not clear until the second depiction, “Maya’s Evolution.”

Private Collection

Maya Depicted


Eye of Enhanced Perception
While rendering this image the tangled, root-like structures on the right (the left from the image's perspective) formed out of the pastel-dust. The roots symbolize the tangled, cluttered, over-used left brain. The eye-like lens above the right shoulder was another baffling image. I think it symbolized the enhanced perception (hence the title) possible upon integrating the two brain hemispheres. The eye also appears to bend the physical side of the face out of existence, or into another dimension. I am still working on how that happened.


Maya’s first appearance
The initial appearance of Maya, named for the Hindu concept of cosmic illusion. The image Maya appeared on the photograph of the painting, but not on the original. Can you see it in the rock formation to the right? Years later, more imagery was found in this painting.

Pastel/Private Collection

Deepmind Reflection
Mandalic in form (the rings), the rich imagery represents various aspects of mind: mystery, fear, attachment. Since the imagery is scattered over the page, it also represents incompleteness. The reflected face of the primitive soul evolves to one of wisdom upon contemplation. The message is: work harder at integrating various scattered levels of mind.

Pastel/Private Collection


Maya’s Evolution
We are pure light; made of light energy. We are born of light and dissolve into dark. We are divine, yet we have forgotten. The beginning of awareness comes when we open the heart chakra. Duality – the contrast of light and dark – creates our illusion. Maya, the veil of illusion, conceals the brilliant light of Inner Mind – the true Self. Unobstructed by the veil we see the radiance and beauty of the light, but the beam of light is distorted and dimmed by the veil of Maya. Yet Maya yearns for our awakening as well.

Oil on Canvas/12"x16"

One Step Backward

Initially I thought this was a premonition of my death. The images I saw were a huge flat tire and a vortex/tunnel. I had a flight the next day and a long ride to the airport. That obviously didn’t come to pass. The flat tire signifies an over-reliance upon inadequate tools of logical, conscious mind for spiritual growth, when tools of the Infinite Unconscious are underutilized and ignored.

Acrylic/Private Collection

Life From Death
After picking up a dead sparrow I saw this heart design around it. The symbolism was obvious. The factory in the distance was not consciously placed there. Its symbology is unclear.

Pastel/Private Collection


Similar to One Step Backward, this depicts the over-reliance upon the conscious ego. The left hand holds the elaborate but useless spindle in a tight grip, while the right hand gropes blindly for the brilliant light.


Mandala 1
Spontaneously created, this mandala is a representation of whole mind or the universe, since each contains the other. A mandalic image, given to the conscious mind from higher levels, could be a mind map for the individual to be used as a learning tool. Outer levels could represent the conscious and inner levels the unconscious, though imagery is interwoven on this particular design.

Pastel and Acrylic/Private Collection
Prints Available


SOLD Gems of Detachment SOLD
Inner (unconscious) mind continually presents imagery to outer (conscious) mind, and it is persistent, hammering on the same theme until the conscious mind “gets it.” Similar to other images, the right side of the face (from the face’s perspective) is obscured, again symbolizing the need to achieve balance between intellect and intuition. When my imagery depicts complete faces, I’ll know that some progress has been made. The woman’s hair appears to be attached to, or growing into, the tree trunk, literally symbolizing attachment to the material world. Breaking free and distancing oneself from attachment, one experiences increasingly precious “gems” of enlightenment, symbolized by the simple ruby and the larger, brighter emerald.

Oil on canvas/12"x16"


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